Here’s The Everyday Kitchen Item That Blew Up And Nearly Killed Her Family. You Could Be Next. Warning

A pressure cooker is a very popular kitchen appliance now days. Probably because it is great and easy way to cook beans, rice, meats, and many other things. And dishes always seem to tun out perfect when using this appliance. However they are not all sunshine and rainbows.

As you can guess, a pressure cooker uses high pressure for the cooking process which can make it very dangerous. In fact, these appliances can be so dangerous that they have been used to manufacture bombs, and have been shown to hurt people if they are used incorrectly.

Unfortunately, one family experienced the danger from one of these pressure cookers. Now they wanted to share their story to warn others about its dangers in hope of relieving them from the possibility of injury.

Cassie Hodges and her significant other Mark decided to make some simple soup in their pressure cooker. The soup was in there for 25 minutes and was cooking away under the ‘soup’ function on the device.

The two thought they needed to let the cooker release steam before they were to take off the lid but they had no idea what was about to happen. Cassie heard click on the lid, from that moment she knew the lid was not locked. Everything happened so fast, the lid slid to the unlocked position, exploded off the top and a wave of boiling water came splashing onto Cassie, as well as Mark.

Cassie and Mark both yelled and screamed as they noticed their skin was peeling off. Cassie ran into the shower and they called an ambulance as quickly as possible. They tried to appear calm in front of their kids even though their skin was falling off.

12% of Cassie’s body was covered in burns, and was going through weeks of this torture while trying to keep it together in front of her kids. Mark also has burns on his side. They were a smaller area, but much deeper because his first priority was helping Cassie before he went to cool his burns.
Their message is, if you have a pressure cooker, make sure to use it correctly, have a high quality one, or simply to not use it at all. Stay safe while cooking.